Silver Nanostep 2 Multipurpose Cleaner 550ml Gas Range Hood Cleaning Eco-friendly


Silver Nanostep 2 Multipurpose Cleaner 550ml

 Gas Range Hood Cleaning / Multipurpose Cleaner/ Eco-friendly detergent

Removal of fine contaminants in the house!
Gas stove hood, gas stove, living room, window, home appliance, microwave
Incredibly easy! Clean even when you get dirty!
Clean time is fun~
* The bent sprayer is an idea product that is designed to be used up to the last drop, so you can use it with confidence.
*Contains natural orange oil extract
120% increase compared to the existing content
* No artificial coloring, no artificial flavors, no lacquer, no parabens, no phosphates, so use with confidence!
*Aloe extract-strengthening moisturizing power
* Centella asiatica extract-skin irritation down
* Centennial herb extract-Skin irritation / prevention of dryness
* Antibacterial and deodorizing function-Disinfection, sterilization and washing functions at once!

[How to use]

After spraying 1-2 times with a sprayer on stubborn dirt, grease, old dirt, etc.,
rub with a brush or scrubber to prevent it from flowing.
Get rid of the old dirt!