Silk Therapy Moisture +++S Hair Essence 65ml x 3/6EA

Silk Therapy Moisture +++S Hair Essence 65ml

* Excellent absorption of a formula containing amino acids similar to the components of hair
* Amazing moisturizing effect provided by a moist formula with excellent moisture
*Excellent glossiness provided by a formula containing silk ingredients
*Provides abundant nutrition to extremely damaged hair immediately after perm and dyeing
-7 days protein care for damaged hair
The formula containing proteins derived from silk, corn, wheat, and soybeans provides remarkable improvement on damaged hair (cuticles).
-High nutrition + high moisture
The formula containing silk ingredients gives deep and deep nutrition and moisturization to make dry hair elastic and soft.
-Charming and subtle musk scent
The subtle musk scent helps you feel better.

[Hair type]
-Extremely damaged hair that breaks and cracks the merakarak
-Hair damaged by periodic perm and dye
-Dry hair that generates static electricity
-Lack of shine and tangled hair

[How to use]
This is a non-rinsing, essence-type rib-in treatment.
* Take a little on the palm of the hand and apply it evenly on the hair.
*Can be used for wet or dry hair.
*To protect hair, apply it before using a hot air balloon, such as a dryer or iron, to make your hair healthier.