Siero Wake Up Toner Cream 100ml Soothes irritated skin with cool moisture /moisturizing cream

Wake Up Toner Cream 100ml

-Cool Down: Cooler that soothes irritated skin with cool moisture
-Daily use throughout the four seasons with a refreshing feeling
Naturally-derived birch sap that is strong in moisturizing,
a patented soothing cooler (5 types of plant-derived moisture soothing),
and whitening ingredients for a bright complexion even on a dull face
-The more you apply with certified whitening, the brighter your complexion
- It fills the skin with abundant moisture without drying out, leaving the skin moist on the inside and fresh on the outside.
Thin and light gel formulation, high moisture and moist application.
Comfortable absorption without stickiness
Relaxing fragrance with nature
- Hypoallergenic test completed

[How to use]
After using toner, pat lightly to spread.
When the skin is hot, apply it thickly and use it as a pack.
When used after refrigeration, the refreshing feeling is doubled.