Share Report DENUCELL Sebum EX PH Balance Moistuizer 150ml

DENUCELL Sebum EX PH Balance Moistuizer

*Skin moisturizing/skin improvement/skin protection
Highly moisturizing moisturizer that manages moisture supply and oil and moisture balance

-Sebum and oil and moisture balance care
Provides health and comfort to skin by managing sebum and pores through oil and moisture balance management.
-Immediate moisture supply
Soothes dry skin due to lack of moisture in the skin, itching caused by whispering and dryness, and cares for soft skin.
-Moisture cooler without shine
It is formulated with more moisture than oil, so it fills the skin's moisture without shine, and manages the skin to be fresh and moist.
-Skin soothing and protection
Soothes sensitive skin and protects skin by forming a moisture film to prevent skin from becoming sensitive due to external irritation.

[Recommended for these people.]
People who need to soothe sensitive skin
Those who want to manage the glossiness on the outside and dryness on the inside.
For those looking for a non-sticky moisturizing cream