Share Report [Arvera] Solution BB Cream 50ml Soothes Sensitive Skin With Phytoactive Ingredients and Moisturizes


ARVERA Solution BB Cream 50ml

It is perfectly adhered to the skin with moist and soft spread and
natural color to cover skin defects and make the skin clearer and more transparent without stickiness.
Soothes sensitive skin with phytoactive ingredients and moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

Care for both the inside and the outside of the skin-The skin care moisturizing ingredient firmly manages the
inside of the skin and simultaneously gives a makeup effect that creates an uneven skin tone and gives it a vibrant skin tone

Produces moist and bright skin tone-Covers pigmentation areas and skin defects smoothly,
and brightens the skin with non-permeable adhesion and tone correction.
Moisturized skin throughout the day-completes natural and moisturized skin and turns it into shiny skin.

[How to use]
After basic makeup, take an appropriate amount
and apply it evenly according to the skin texture.