[Cool Green] Shampoo Hair Brush for Scalp Massager with Soft Silicon Brush Head Tourmaline


[Features of Product]

  • COOL GREEN BRUSH removes fine dust, hardened sebum, hair product residue and scurf all over the scalp that cannot be removed by hand
  • 100% MADE IN KOREA, so guarantee the excellent quality based on advanced materials and technology
  • ADVANCED SILICONE WITH OPTIMIZED SOFTNESS FOR USE - No worries about scalp irritation and wound while using
  • COMPLETE WATERPROOF TREATMENT FOR HYGIENIC - 100% waterproof technology saves you from waste or mold possibly attached
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH EXCELLENT GRIP FEELING - One hand is fine to grip and easy to use in convenience.


[Who Needs it?]

Person with strong smell on head

Person whose hair looks greasy a few minutes after shampooing

Person with frequent head irritation and rash on the scalp

Person suffers from red scalp and falls off dandruff

Person concerned about nail damage while shampooing Cool Green brush can be used for various purpose for user's convenience.


[Effects of Cool Green Brush]

1. Superior Dandruff Removal

2. Clean Scalp with Trouble Relieved

3. Hardened Sebum & Waste Remove

4. Self Scalp Massage with Good Price