SERY BOX SERYCUT A diet supplement,Carbohydrate calorie cutting agent/dietary fiber 5g x 56T

5g x 56 packets

*Helps reduce body fat
*Enriched dietary fiber (oat dietary fiber, chicory, bogeom cactus stem powder, seaweed, etc.)
*Contains garcinia, which inhibits fat synthesis of carbohydrates
*Contains 40-fold expansion Psyllium skin dietary fiber
*Contains 22 carefully selected auxiliary ingredients
Contains 14 types of lactic acid bacteria, oat dietary fiber, chicory extract powder,
bogeom cactus stem powder, seaweed, fructooligosaccharide powder, lacturos powder, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin minerals
*Couture activity cool and smooth!
* No additives of flavoring flavors, no sweeteners, no Chinese ingredients, no colorants
* It is easy to pass the neck in the form of a small ring.

[How to take]

Take it twice a day at a convenient time during breakfast,
lunch, and dinner, before meals, with enough water (1.5L per day).