[Sery Box] Light Protein Bar For Diet 1 Box(43g x 10Pieces) Crispy And Delicious 13g High Protein

Light Protein Bar 1Box (43g x 10Pieces)

Crispy and delicious 13g high protein, whole nuts, protein bar

* High protein bar for diet
* Contains 39% nuts
* Contains 13g of higher protein than chicken breast
* Two protein bars meet 47% of the daily protein nutritional requirements!
* Contains vegetable protein isolate soybean protein and animal protein concentrate whey protein

[Recommended for these people.]
- Those who want to easily take a breakfast that is difficult to eat
- Those who want to supplement the insufficient protein through diet control
- Those who want to easily consume high protein
- Jolly status in tasteless protein powder for diet

[How to eat deliciously]
- Delicious and reliable with yogurt or oatmeal!
- A salad with protein as a topping for salad!