[Serendi Beauty] Teatox Rose Berry (10ml x 30 EA) Cold Brew Hibiscus Rose Extract

[Serendi Beauty]
Teatox Rose Berry
(10ml x 30 Packs)

Cold Brew Hibiscus & Rose Extract 
Premium Blending Cold Brew Tea

* Fruit concentrate + blending of rose tea
A classy tea blended with hibiscus and 7 kinds of berries
* Low temperature and high concentration extraction method
Super drop method that extracts high concentration at low temperature,
is hygienic in a fully automatic form, and can be extracted with high concentration
* 42Brix, no synthetic fragrance, no added sugar
* Only good ingredients such as cold brew extract and apple, seven berry, and lemon are blended.

[Recommended for these people.]
- Satisfaction with lower body obesity, which is usually heavy and swells well
- Concerning products to drink easily and healthily
- Dieter has started drinking water, but is having difficulty drinking plain water
- Office workers with high sodium intake and difficult to eat fruit
- Those who want to enjoy premium cold brew easily anywhere, anytime

[How to drink]

Add 1 packet of Teatox Roseberry to 200ml of cold water and drink deliciously
Enjoy iced tea with ice or sparkling water
Put it in hot water and enjoy a cup of hot tea
Mix it with yogurt or milk for a special enjoyment