SCINIC VitaC Blemish Care Vita C Dark Spot Cream 80ml Relieves blemishes + strengthens elasticity

SCINIC VitaC Blemish Care Cream 80ml
Vita C Dark Spot Cream

* Relieves blemishes & strengthens elasticity
Vitamin management cream that relieves blemishes, spots, and freckles on the skin and improves skin elasticity
-Intensive blemishes relief: alleviates blemishes/stains/freckles on the skin
-Restoration of stretched elasticity: Tested to improve skin elasticity recovery
-Revitalizes skin: Pure vitamins for bright and bright skin
* British pure vitamin C + vitamin derivatives
*Contains Namhae citron grown in the sea breeze
* Elastic patented peptide ingredient
*Texture: A cream that gently adheres to the skin for a shiny skin.
How to use: Take an appropriate amount at the finishing stage of skin care and gently spread over the entire face for absorption.