Hurum Mium Immune Zinc Jelly (20g x 14EA) x 2Box Blueberry flavor Nutrition for growing children

Mium Immune Zinc Jelly
20g x 14 Packs

Blueberry flavor for children's immune system during growing season
Laying the foundation for normal immune function in children
-Contains 8.5mg of zinc, zinc for easy intake of 1 packet per day, recommended daily intake of zinc for children, 100% of nutritional content
Normal immune function energy that easily fills up to 14-year-old children with Mium Immune Zinc Jelly, 1 packet per day
-Sub-materials: blueberry juice concentrate, red grape concentrate, elderberry concentrate, galacto-oligosaccharide, vitamin C, chicory root extract, lactic acid bacteria mixture powder, red ginseng concentrate, colostrum powder
-Minimize additives
No coloring, sugar and silicon dioxide added

[How to take]
Target intake: all ages from 12 months
Chew and consume 1 packet once a day.
Refrigerated throughout the four seasons, cool, frozen in summer,
like ice cream, and softly eaten at room temperature in winter.