[Samyang] 5 Kinds Delicious Seafood Flavor / Kimchi-buldak fried noodles / Miso/Hand-made Ramen x 5 / 10 / 15

[Samyang Delicious Ramen Seafood Flavor 115g x 5]
A spicy seafood flavor with over 60 ingredients!

[Kimchi-buldak fried noodles 135g / 520kcal]
Super refreshing and spicy taste made by adding sour kimchi to hot buldak!

[Miso Ramen 120g / 495kcal]
When I miss the delicious miso taste~
The flavor was added with miso!
The soft and chewy noodles are added with traditional fermented foods that are good for the body,
such as miso and cheonggukjang, so you can enjoy the taste of the broth

[Hand-made noodles Soup Ramen (kalguksu)100g /355kcal]
When hot chicken kalguksu is too hot!
Made with a non-fried method, the chewy noodles, powdered soup,
and flakes harmonize well to give the taste of traditional hand-made noodles

[Hand-pulled noodles Ramen 120g / 495kcal]
The noodles are chewy as if kneaded by hand! I hit it hot!
A product where you can enjoy hot spicy soup with chewy noodles as if kneaded by hand