[Samyang Paldo] Korean Food Red Pepper Hot Spicy Ramen Collection Pick 4/8/12EA

Samyang Flavoring Red Pepper Sauce 
 Spicy jjajang ramen 137g x 4EA

Adding spicy salty sauce, spicy cheonyang pepper flakes,
and the last hwaryongjeong chili pepper oil to make the hot and spicy chili sauce unprecedented in the world.

[Cooking method]
1. Add noodles to 600ml boiling water and boil for 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
2. Leave about half a cup (8 spoons) of water based on paper cups, discard, and add liquid sauce and fry for about 1 minute 30 seconds.
3. Sprinkle seasoned Cheongyang pepper flakes and seasoning oil and mix well.

Samyang Flaming Pepper Champon 115g x 4EA

A bowl of dark champon filled with the spicy spiciness of Cheongyang pepper,
a harmonious flavor of deep seafood, and a burning scent.
If you eat it with burning red pepper paste,
you can eat Jjajang and champon taste more than double!

Paldo Instant Labokki 145g x 4EA

Add noodles and sauce to boiling water without boiling water and boil it!
It is a viscous type with a strong broth, and if you add ingredients such as eggs,
fish cakes, vegetables, or rice cakes, you can perfectly recreate the hearty rabokki.

Paldo TeumSae Hot Spicy Ramen120g x 5EA

Intoxication of intense spiciness!
Challenge the niche of the niche ramen!

[Cooking method]
If you don't have a measuring cup, add water using a 500 ml water bottle or two mugs.
Add ramen, soup, and ingredients at a time to boil. If you do not stir the noodles, you can cook them for a more chewy taste.

Paldo TeumSae Fried Ramen Hot Spicy 130 x 4EA

Intense spicy addiction!

Addition of liquid soup, the first brand to create an addictive spicy taste
by adding fried vegetables and grill scent based on Vietnamese sky vinegar!

The Devil of Fire Ramen117g 444kcal 

The most delicious spicy! 14444 SUH
A feast of spiciness that hits the tip of the tongue.

The Devil of Fire Fried Ramen 130g 524 Kcal