[Sampyo] Gochujang Stir-fried Anchovy 50g x 3/4/6EA One-touch canned almond slices + pumpkin seeds

Sampyo Gochujang Stir-fried Anchovy 50g
One-touch canned anchovy canned

* A more delicious seasoning made with spicy Taeyangcho kochujang.
- 100% Korean anchovy!
Only 100% domestic anchovies are carefully selected, and almond slices and pumpkin seeds are stir-fried together to give it a chewy taste.
- My home side dish that looks like my mother made it!
Sampyo's mother's side dishes are made with care, as if they were cooked at home using only carefully selected ingredients.
- Simple one-touch packaging!
One-touch can packaging makes it easy to store and use,
and can be conveniently used outdoors because of its high portability as well as undercarriage at home.