Sampyo Miso Soup (8g x 5EA) x 2EA Korean Food Instant soup

Sampyo Miso Soup 8g x 5EA

Seaweed and enoki mushrooms are added to our fermented soybean paste to make it clean and light!
-Miso soup with alive taste and nutrition by rapidly freezing
and drying Korean soybean paste that has been fermented slowly and properly.
-It is lighter and milder with Korean enoki mushrooms and seaweed.
Fresh Korean enoki mushrooms, seaweed flakes, kelp, and anchovy are flavored to make it light and mild.
-Each person is individually packaged to make delicious miso soup in 30 seconds
if only hot water is needed for outdoor activities such as travel and mountaineering as well as at home.

[How to cook]
Add miso soup to hot water and stir for 30 seconds to make delicious miso soup!
Adjust the amount of water to your liking.