Sampyo delicacy seasoning 340g x 2EA Easily finished spicy and sweet delicacy /Squid

Sampyo delicacy seasoning 340g

Easily finished spicy and sweet delicacy

This is the Sampyo delicacy seasoning that makes a side dish of stir-fried sweet and spicy delicacies.
You don't need to prepare ingredients for seasoning, but you can enjoy a simple side dish of delicacy that is completed by rubbing it.
It makes a more delicious meal with umami.
* A secret seasoning that adds umami to rice dishes such as stir-fried delicacies and stir-fried anchovies.
* A delicious secret seasoning that can be completed just by rubbing it in 30 seconds without the need for seasoning ingredients
* Can be used for side dishes with various stir-fried anchovies as well as chewy delicacies.
It is delicious even if you dip squid or muktaepo.
* 100% cooking is possible only with a microwave oven,
so there is no need to worry about burning cookware or washing dishes, and it is easy to organize after eating.

[How to cook]

Add 90g of delicacy and 40g of water (5 tablespoons of rice) and knead.
Put the wrap on the bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds.
Add 60 g of delicacy seasoning and stir-fry the side dish.