S nature Aqua Squalane Moisture Cream 60ml (Moisturizing, soothing, controlling sebum)

S nature
Aqua Squalane Moisture Cream 60ml

-It is not sticky or heavy, but the inside and outside of the skin are filled with moisture.
-Not a dull oily glow, but a real clear moisture glow in my skin! Clear moisturizing care.
-Even when you are sensitive or need calming down, it is gentle without shaking throughout the four seasons.
* By containing the patented ingredient Aquaxyl, which combines sugar components,
it improves the moisture retention capacity of the dermis layer,
and at the same time increases the moisture content of the epidermis to prevent skin moisture loss,
maximizing the moisture inside and outside the skin.
* A milky white, fragrance-free, moisturizing creamy formulation
that is gently absorbed and adheres to the skin as soon as it is applied.
*Contains 150,000ppm of squalane, only 0.2% from healthy olives
Contains vitamin B5 panthenol, 8 types of hyaluronic acid, etc.
*3Free: No surfactant, preservative, artificial fragrance added
*All ingredients EWG green grade

[How to use]
After cleansing, apply gently after using essence or lotion for absorption.