[Ryo] Luxury Fresh Fermented Ginseng Shampoo 400ml x 2EA Scalp Nutrition Nourishing Cream Shampoo

Ryo Luxury Fresh Fermented Ginseng Shampoo 400ml

216 hours fermented ginseng
Put deep nutrition in a bottle
Scalp nutrition nourishing cream shampoo

-Improve alleviation of hair loss symptoms,
-Scalp skin mass reduction
-Improve hair volume

Efficacy 1 : Upgrade of low-molecular ginseng ingredients of nutrients through fermentation process
Deliver more effectively to the scalp and hair, and absorb more nutrients quickly and densely

Efficacy 2 
: Total care for scalp health, the basis of hair
Strengthening the scalp barrier-fermented ginseng,
Scalp Hair Nutrition-Reishi Mushroom,
Scalp Moisture Supply- Turmeric
Hair root reinforcement-black beans,
Scalp Elasticity-Eoseongcho,
Scalp Soothing-Audi,
Hair root reinforcement-red ginseng