[Ryo] Fine Cover Hair Loss Symptom Relief Hair Cushion 13g Deep Brown/Natural Brown

Fine Cover Hair Loss Symptom Relief Hair Cushion 13g

* 4 layers of powder and oil for tight adhesion and lasting power
* 48 hours super close coverage, gray hair / color cover lasting power / rich hair volume!
* Powerful waterproof effect that is not erased by water and sweat
- Easy cleansing that cannot be removed from water, but is removed with shampoo or detergent!
* Moist and soft jelly formulation with the golden ratio of oil and powder,
reducing powder spread by 32 times compared to existing products
* Asian hair color custom design! Natural cover for any hair!
- Deep Brown: Recommended for natural hair that has never been dyed or for those who have dyed it in dark colors
- Natural Brown: Recommended for those dyed in bright colors. It blends naturally with any color

[When to use]
- When the part in the mirror looks straight
- When the spear catches your eyes
- When the forehead hairline looks empty
- When the cleaning volume does not appear

[How to use]
Apply an appropriate amount of this product to the scalp and massage evenly