[Ryo] Chunsamhwa Womens Hair Loss Symptom Relief Volume Shampoo Hair Shine 400ml x 2EA

Chunsamhwa Women's Hair Loss Symptom Relief Volume Shampoo Hair Shine 400ml
For damaged hair / Contains red peony extract

Red energy of red ginseng and pomegranate
The scent is good, the bubbles are rich, and the volume is full

* Normal to dry scalp
* Hair damaged by irritation
* Hair smoothness and shine care

[Female hair loss symptoms]

- The hair on the top of the head becomes thinner and falls out.

- There is no nutrition on the scalp and the hair is dry.
- The root does not have a sense of volume and sags.

- Patented Cheonsamhwa technology scalp hair anti-aging effect
Scientific ginseng processing process that "maximizes the active ingredients
of red ginseng" by applying high pressure of 6000 atm in a short time

- Solution for women, containing 8 kinds of natural extracts
Cheonsamhwa's unique formula that cares for women's scalp to hair firmly and smoothly
Pomegranate (Hair Elasticity/Glossy Care), Apricot Seed Oil (Increases Hair Smoothness),
Caffeine (Relieves Hair Loss Symptoms), Yellow Sea Mugwort Leaf Water (Scalp Soothing/Moisturizing),
Lotus Extract (Hair Nutrition Shine), Black Bean Extract (Hair Elasticity/Glossy) Care),
soybean extract (strengthen scalp barrier), ginger (soothe scalp/strengthen hair root)

- Weakly acidic pH care for precious women's scalp

- Since it directly touches the scalp, it is reliable with 8 no additives
No silicone, no sulphate, no animal ingredients, no synthetic coloring,
no mineral oil, no polyacrylamide, no imidazolidinyl urea, no triethanolamine)

[How to use]
Once a day, thoroughly moisten hair and scalp with lukewarm water,
take an appropriate amount on your hands and spread evenly on hair and scalp.
After 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water