Royalminster Smart Multi Robot Cleaner RMA-RC1200C

Smart Multi Robot Cleaner RMA-RC1200C

Smart robot cleaner with small but powerful suction power
A smart robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps, cleans, and wipes with a single button.
*40db quiet vacuum cleaner, automatic direction change when obstacle is detected
* Long brush mounted
Two-way long brush pushes even small dust inside through the inlet for clean cleaning.
*With the powerful suction power of 1800PA, it can be washed in with a cleaning pad. (Marble/tile/wood floor, etc.)
*400ml dust bin capacity, 580g weight
It easily crosses soft items such as curtains and sheets to clean up sanitary areas such as sofas and under beds.
*USB charging method, full charge time 3 hours.
*90 minutes operation

[How to use]

-After opening the product and before operating,
open the battery cover with the included screwdriver and connect the battery as shown in the picture.
-After combining the battery, reassemble the battery cover as shown in the picture.
-When the power button is pressed, the power indicator turns on and operates.
-When cleaning the floor, please attach a dedicated pad.
-If the blue LED blinks, charge it.