Royal Canin Kitten 400g 5-12 months old cats dry food High calcium phosphorus content

Royal Canin Kitten 400g 

5-12 months old, dry food

Small packaged feed available for a week
-Children with exceptionally sensitive sense of smell
may not like feed that has passed the time since opening.
Feed the freshest feed in a small pack.
-Helps immune function
-Helps for healthy growth
-Helps digestive function
-Feed grain size optimized for the jaw size of young cats
-Young baryeom, which needs rapid growth of bones, teeth,
and digestive organs, is an important time to generate antibodies that help strengthen immunity.
It contains a unique complex of antioxidants, including vitamin E,
to help support the immune function of young cats.
-High calcium & phosphorus content that helps build a strong skeleton
-Using carefully selected L.I.P protein with high digestion absorption rate (more than 90%),
it helps the digestive function of young cats.