[Bella-Luce] Root of Miracle Skin Brightening, Freckle, Blemish, Dark Spot, Hyper Pigmentation Remover Night Cream 50ml


[Features of Product]

  • MORE THAN 100,000 KOREAN WOMEN HAVE PURCHASED - KFDA Certified for Wrinkle and Whitening Effects
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED - The safety of the cream has been proved by dermatologist test. All skin type can safely use!
  • THE SOFT YOGURT TYPE MAXIMIZES THE FEELINGS OF CLOSE CONTACT TO SKIN - It is gently applied to the skin and has fast absorb
  • NATURAL PLANTS COMPLEX GROWN IN JEJU ISLAND contained that helps skin vitality and moisturizing
  • WRINKLES, WHITENING, AND REMOVAL OF DULL SKIN - Adenosine, Niacinamide, Hydrolazide, help skin condition improved


Frequently Asked Questions]

1.When & How much do you use?

- It can be used both day and night, but it is the best to use it in the evening because it gets less disturbed from ultra-violate light or other external environment.

2. Skin is a bit stingy. Is the side-effect?

-No. A fine needle white spicule can get into your skin and become stingy.

Please do not worry about this. It is not side-effect.

3. I do not feel stingy. Is it not effective?

- Depending on the individual's skin condition, the degree of stinginess varies.

No stinginess does not mean no effectiveness. 

4. Can a men be used?

- It can be used fro both women and men.

5. After applying, it is pushed by hand. Remove it?

- It is a thin film which helps  absorption of whitening ingredients. 

Please do not touch your face with hand.