RNW Der.Therpy Refreshing Scrub To Body Wash 230ml Scrub,massage,body wash 3in1 all-in-one body care

RNW Der.Therpy
Refreshing Scrub To Body Wash 230ml

Scrub wash for rough body skin, from shower to dead skin care!
*Free of 7 harmful ingredients
*Completion of low irritation test
*Transforming formulation
*Contains natural scrub ingredients
It contains walnut shell powder, Himalayan pink salt, coffee bean powder, brown molasses powder, and cellulose)
to effectively care for dead skin cells and impurities in the body.
Grain Energy Complex
Consisting of 8 kinds of grain raw materials (yeast extract, rice extract, mung bean extract,
buckwheat seed extract, stone bean extract, sesame extract, pearl seed extract, balay extract),
it softens the skin texture and provides moisture to moisturize the skin. To help.

*Scrub, massage, body wash 3in1 all-in-one body care
It is a gel-type soft scrub formulation that can gently remove dead skin cells by rubbing the body like a massage,
and when it comes in contact with water, rich bubbles are created.
*Oil moisturizing membrane system
It contains coconut oil, palm oil, and damask rose flower oil that help moisturize the skin, so it keeps moist even after a shower.

[How to use]

Apply an appropriate amount to the wet body except the face, rub it like a massage,
scrub and cleanse, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
It is recommended to use it once or twice a week.