[RiRe] All Kill Nose Sebum,Black/ White Head Removal Peel Off Pack 40ml x 3EA Pore Care

All Kill Soak Soak Pack-Nose Sebum,
White Head Removal Peel Off Pack 40ml

Fresh pore management with charcoal powder and natural extracts!
Blackhead, sebum, dead skin cells out!
Contains charcoal powder that is rich in minerals and has excellent adsorption and purification power
Contains natural extracts (bitter mugwort extract, western yarrow extract,
centiana root extract, aloe vera leaf extract, black mulberry fruit extract, goji berry extract)
A soft flowing liquid formulation that can be applied evenly to the desired area to use the pack.
After 15-20 minutes, the contents will start to dry. When it is completely dry, just peel it off from the edge.
It is good if you clean up your skin with toner after use.

[How to use]
- Take the desired amount onto your hands and apply evenly to the areas where you have a lot of sebum secretion.
After -15~20 minutes, completely dry and remove slowly from the edge.
- After removing, you can wipe off the residue with a cotton soaked in toner, or cleanse the skin with face wash.