Retune Dark Red Pomegranate Low Molecular Collagen Pomegranate Concentrate (8ml x 28 EA)x2Box

Retune Dark Red Pomegranate Collagen 
8ml x 28EA

-Contains 71% concentrate of 100% selected Spanish pomegranate pulp
-Fish scales extract collagen peptide 500mg /1 package for easy absorption
-Contains Korean 6-year-old red ginseng concentrate (solid content 60%, red ginseng component 70mg/g or more)
-Fat 0g / Cholesterol 0mg
-No coloring agent / synthetic fragrance / synthetic preservative / thickener added

[How to take]

* Once a day, one bag at a time can be ingested in various ways depending on your preference.
-You can take the product as it is.
-It can be diluted with water and consumed as pomegranate water.
-It can be consumed as a pomegranate aid that can be mixed with carbonated water and tasted sweet and sour.