Respring 3600 Shot Cica Needle MTS 75ml (Disposable)


3600 Shot Cica Needle MTS (Disposable)

Direct delivery to the inside of the skin without irritation

With the world's first pyramid-shaped micro-melting needle,
3600 microneedles filled with cica, hyaluronic acid and peptides penetrate the skin barrier to deliver active ingredients quickly and accurately,
reducing irritation and filling elasticity.

* Hyaluronic acid 75mg high content, highly concentrated Cica & Hyaluronic acid
and peptides are composed to help supply moisture and improve elasticity.

*75mg hyaluronic acid needle
*Massage with micro stimulation
*Safe with disposable hyaluronic acid melting needle
*Safe to human body with natural ingredients

[How to use]
After arranging the skin texture with toner, insert the handle into the needle.
Do a rolling massage for 5-10 minutes while the moisture is dry.
Apply a mask pack or serum.
Remove the mask pack and absorb the active ingredients with rolling massage once again while moisture remains on the skin.

-It melts when moisture comes in contact with a melting needle. Store in a dry place.
-If it is too dry, you may feel more tingling. In this case, roll gently and then apply a mask pack or essence to calm down.