[Renu Medi] Scalp Time Machine Scalp Massager Wake Up Hair Roots Hidden In With Good Stimulation

Make my scalp healthier and more beautiful

Renewed Medi Scalp Time Machine

*Wake up hair roots hidden in the scalp with good stimulation to the scalp.
*Positive (+)/negative (-) ion mode-Helps scalp elasticity
It promotes elasticity to the skin with a current difference between positive
and negative ions and helps the active ingredients of cosmetics to be absorbed deep into the scalp.
*It helps the active ingredient of the scalp ampoule to be absorbed deeply
into the scalp through the fine vibration and current of about 10,000 times per minute,
and helps to make the healthy scalp by maximizing the efficacy of the ampoule.
*Titanium head, a human-friendly material, can be used with confidence in sensitive scalp.

Rated voltage: DC3V (1.5V Lankaline AAA dry body 2EA)
Size: 64(W)x104(H) x 21(D)mm