[Renu Medi] Multi Skin Care Device Real Galvanic LED Optical Therapy Cation/Anion Function

Renu Medi Real Galvanic  Multi Skin Cure Device

The galvanic cation function discharges (cleansing) waste products into the skin,
the galvanic anion function deeply provides moisture and nutrients to the skin,
and the LED optical therapy has three colors for bright face, cell activity, melanin reduction, and sterilization.

*Galvanic ion generating site is applied separately.
Anion generating part (moisture/nutrient absorption): Head part
Cation generating part (cleansing): Grip part

*Sterilization + Brightening at the same time as nutritional ingredient penetration

-Negative ion generating head: Rapid penetration of nutrient components
-LED Blue (430nm): Sterilization (acne/scalp improvement)
-LED Green(560nm): Melanin pigment reduction
-LED Red (630nm): Promote collagen and elastin production.

*Battery usage time: 100 days
When used for 10 minutes a day, it is more convenient than a rechargeable type because it is used for more than 100 days.