[Renu Medi] Beauty Temperature Keeper-Hot Cool Skin Fit To Remove Facial Swelling

Beauty Temperature Keeper-Renew Medi Hot & Cool Skin Fit

Frequent face, wide pores now!
Pore ​​elasticity, swelling removal, nutrition absorption All in one care!

*After removing sebum & blackhead, tighten pores
*Easy cooling care to remove facial swelling
*Super fast nutrition absorption in 3 minutes with mask pack heating massage
*Cool cooling massage to prevent skin heat damage

Lower the hot skin and increase the cold skin!
Easy to use 4 optimized temperature for each skin care
with one button without additional adjustment.

*Heating care-2 warm heating modes (39℃,36℃)

39℃ Heating Mode: Opens pores at 39℃ like a warm steam towel to help clean deep cleansing.
36℃ Booster Mode: 36℃, which is similar to body temperature,
and vibration massage helps absorb cosmetics, helping to make skin moist and shiny.

*Cooling Care-2 cool cooling modes (13℃,5℃)

13℃ Cooling Mode: 13℃, which cools down the skin temperature,
which helps to maintain the proper skin temperature.
5℃ Tightening Mode: Ice 5℃ and vibration massage give tension to
the skin to help smooth and elastic skin.

[How to use]

Facial care
Gently massage the skin in the heating mode->Apply moisturizing or nourishing cream to the skin after the basic skin care
->Massage according to the skin texture in the booster mode->Finish the massage in a tightening mode after the massage.

When using a mask pack
Massage the skin gently with the heating mode -> Attach the mask pack to the face ->
Massage evenly in the booster mode with the mask pack attached to the face ->
Finish the massage in the tightening mode after the massage is over

When using nose pack
Massage gently around the nose with heating mode
-> Attach nose pack -> Remove nose pack and finish massage with tightening mode

When makeup
Before doing color makeup, intensively massage the pores that are troubled by the tightening mode
-> Pores are temporarily shrunk to complete skin makeup like porcelain

Body elasticity management
It helps improve skin flow through cold and hot massage for each part and helps to make it elastic and smooth.

Rated voltage: 100~240v ,50/60Hz 300mA
Rated output: DC 5V 500mA (charger only)