[Renovera] Natural Fruit, Vegetable, Food Ingredients Wash Cleaner 150g

[Features of Product]
  • RENOVERA VEGETABLE and FRUIT WASH is a 100% calcium powder in high concentration form. This Powder wash provides a much stronger cleaning effect than a regular liquid type cleaner even in small amounts.
  • THIS CALCIUM POWDER IS MADE OF 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENT and has been produced by patented technology developed for last 17 years. As a result, the pesticide removal power becomes increased and the sterilization time becomes shortened.
  • 150g CALCIUM POWDER IS WORTH AS MUCH AS 300 PIECES OF LIQUID TYPE WASH(500ml). After washing with powder, you do not have to wash again with brush. It is very simple way and time-saving.
  • RENOVERA WASH IS 100% SAFE TO HUMAN BODY, so can be used not only for food ingredients but also for cleaning baby goods and other kitchen utensils. More than 100,000 of Korean housewives use this for various cleaning purpose.
  • THIS WASH, NEWLY RENEWED IN ALL ASPECTS AND LAUNCHED IN MARCH 2018, offers excellent efficacy and reasonable market price. DO NOT MISS this great opportunity!


Product Name: Renovera Fruit & Veggie Wash Cleaner Powder

Origin: South Korea

Ingredient: 100% Natural Calcium Powder

Weight: 170g

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