Reddy Aqua Glass Coating Cream 50ml


Reddy Aqua Glass Coating Cream 50ml

Water-based coating cream for dry skin

Skin / Lotion + Moisturizer + Prime
shorten the time .

Effect 1: Moist texture improves makeup effect with watery primer effect!
Effect 2: Gives moisture to your skin as if it were coated with water!

1. Perfect hyaluronic acid coating of 365 hyaluronic acid.

2. Rapid Moisture Pumping Pack
Provides instant moisture & nourishment to skin lifting and pulling due to lack of moisture,
pumps skin with firm moisture energy from the inside, and optimizes skin condition.

3. Prime Booster
Nanonized coating particles are tightly combined to meet the foundation particles,
providing perfect fit and creating a watery makeup that never floats.

Water light makeup

In the last step of skin care, apply the appropriate amount as tapping,
skip the extra base / primer step and apply foundation as usual.

Water Pump Sleeping Mask

After washing your face in the evening, wipe off the moisture and apply it to your skin thickly before going to sleep.
The next morning, wash gently with lukewarm water.
(48 hours use stability test completed --- KFDA certified whitening.
Wrinkle improvement dual functional cream, has been tested for more than 48 hours, can be used both in the morning and evening.)

Daily Foundation Moisture Care

At the end of daily basic care, gently apply the appropriate amount onto your skin.