Laon BT-SB1000 Wireless Bluetooth V 5.0 Soundbar Speaker


Laon BT-SB1000
Wireless Bluetooth V 5.0 Soundbar Speaker

*TF memory Card-32GB
*3.5mm AUX
*Speaker 5W x 2
* Thinner and more powerful sound
The BT-SB1000 is equipped with a High Fidelity unit and a 10W output power amplifier.
* Easy to connect to PC and listen to USB music
Hands-free function for making calls while in use
When sending/receiving calls, you can make a call through the microphone of the speaker, and you can easily send/receive with a single'M' button.
*TV &Bluetooth soundbar
It can be used by connecting to a TV or set-top box capable of Bluetooth function.
TVs without Bluetooth cables can be used by wire by connecting the included AUX cable as a basic component.
* Equipped with a high-capacity 1800mAh lithium-ion battery that does not have any problems outdoors
It can be used for a long time of up to 10 hours after charging for about 3 hours.
5 hours of continuous talk, 1-4 hours of music playback.
Rated input :3.7V ,1800mAh
Input power supply: DC 5V, 500mAh
Operating voltage: DC 5V