Red Ginseng Hi-Saeng (3.5g x 90EA) x 2EA Korean Red ginseng pills


Red Ginseng Hi-Saeng 180 packets (90 packets 2ea)

Immunity enhancement, antioxidant, blood circulation improvement,
memory improvement, fatigue recovery fermentation

*Main ingredient of Korean fermented red ginseng
The sum of Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3: 11.02mg (based on 10.5g of 3 capsules daily intake)
* Fermented red ginseng with enhanced absorption
It was fermented with Hwangguk-gyun and lactic acid bacteria to increase the absorption rate regardless of the difference in intestinal microbes.
*Korean grain supplementary material
It contains 100% Korean brown rice, rice bran, and soybeans, etc.
*Simple portability, made of'circle', so there is no bitter taste and easy to consume.

[Recommended for these people.]

-Office workers who are tired from excessive work
-Those with weak immunity
-A housewife who is tired and exhausted from housework
-Those who have difficulty waking up in the morning
-Those who need blood circulation
-Those with a lot of activity
[How to take]
3 packets per day, eat with water before or after meals.