[Recolte] Waffle Machine Smile Baker Mini RSM-2 Pancake snack maker (Pink&Yellow)

Waffle Machine Smile Baker Mini RSM-2

Mini-sized Smile Pink and Waffle Yarrow that can easily bake small and cute smile pancakes and mini waffles!
After adding the dough, close the lid and wait about 3 minutes.
Because it is a fixed plate with excellent heat conduction, it is baked in no time.
The dough is non-stick processing, so wipe the plate with a dry cloth and you're done!

[How to use]
When the power is turned on, the lamp turns on and preheating begins.
When preheating is complete, pour the dough onto the plate, and slowly close the cover so that the dough does not overflow.
In about 3 minutes, you will have a warm and delicious smile pancake and waffles.

Rated power/power consumption: 220v /60Hz,350W