Real Barrier Extreme Cream 50ml moisturizing Quick skin barrier improvement effect

Real Barrier Extreme Cream 50ml

-It contains 20,000 ppm of triple ceramide ingredients including patented omega ceramide
to reproduce a more complete skin lipid structure.
-Triple moisturizing moisture for a long time to the inside
It contains biopeptide to strengthen the moisture barrier,
and the Aqua Seal ingredient prevents moisture loss in the skin.
-Quick skin barrier improvement effect
It helps strengthen the skin barrier damaged by external irritation and makes the skin healthy.
-Sensitive skin relief prescription
It can be used safely for sensitive skin as well as for mildly acidic and mild prescription.
-Sensitive skin test completed
-Noncomedogenic test completed
-Hypoallergenic test completed
-It fills the damaged skin barrier more smoothly and quickly with a firm texture.

[How to use]
Apply gently all over the face, wrap it with body temperature, and let it absorb deep into the skin through a warming effect.
On exceptionally dry and sensitive days, apply thicker than usual and use like a sleeping pack.