RAWEL Goat Milk Protein A+ 280g Soft powder type/Savory grain taste

Goat Milk Protein A+ 280g

*Premium Austrian goat milk powder
*4 major proteins at once!
Balance of animal and vegetable protein
[Goat milk protein, isolate soybean protein (ISP), isolate whey protein (WPI), colostrum extract] +
Various auxiliary ingredients (Fructooligosaccharide, 17 types of mixed lactic acid bacteria,
oat dietary fiber, amino acid mixed powder (9 types), vitamin mineral mixture)
*Soft powder type
*Savory grain taste
*Higher protein, 0g trans fat
*Recommended daily intake: 40g

[How to take]
Twice a day, it can be consumed anytime by adding it to water or milk.
Spoon is enclosed, 1.5 spoon = 20g (standard top side is flat)
Put 200ml (120ml or more) of milk or soy milk into a cup and add 1.5 tablespoons.
Mix thoroughly and drink.