[Ramaze] Baby Tactile Toy Gift Set/Suction Caterpillar Rattle Toy Sensory Development

[Ramaze] Baby Tactile Toy Gift Set

Musical stimulation caterpillar
Sense & visual play of 7 different patterns
Interesting visual & tactile play with various sounds and materials in colorful colors and joints
(Jizzling bells), tactile play rustling sound, auditory play beep beep
Tactile play
You can check your baby's growth with the growth check function (cm/Inch).

Tactile dice
Various images and materials help the baby's visual and tactile development.
Safety Mirror-A baby's favorite mirror is hidden behind the dice in the shape of a "bird" character.
It is useful as a toy when going out because it has a hook, and it helps the baby's small muscle development.

Wrist and ankle rattle
The timing of examining the hands and feet, induces the baby's coordination ability, and helps stimulate physical development.
You can adjust the length using a squeegee.

Outing Friend Frans-Sensory Development Game
With a ring attached, it is useful as a toy when you go out, and it helps to develop tactile, visual, and auditory senses.
With a ring attached, it is useful as a toy when you go out, and it helps to develop small muscles of the baby.

Rocking Caterpillar
The wobbly caterpillar-6 colors of the body part and the rattle sound whenever the caterpillar moves,
helps the child's hearing and visual stimulation development.
Spinning by hand, small muscles develop naturally.

Traditional Fairy Tale Frans
It is a cloth book that has the stimulus development necessary for growth.
It stimulates the child's curiosity and helps the imagination by seeing and learning animals and objects.
A rustling sound / a dinosaur character in the middle of the book pops up.