[Puzzlia] Jumbo ball puzzle triangle for toddlers

Puzzlia jumbo ball puzzle triangle for toddlers

(Creativity, problem solving ability, thinking ability,
concentration, memory, quickness, observation ability, cognitive ability)

It consists of 12 bead pieces in one set, and the total number of cards used is 48,
and it is made with a difficulty level that anyone of all ages can enjoy, from children to seniors.

[How to use]
Turn over the marble plate in the middle and place all 12 marbles on the other plate.
Please prepare the utilization card by putting it under the bead board.
Find the bead pieces of the same shape as the color of the utilization card shown below and fill in all the problems.
Complete the remaining empty spaces! If there is an empty space,think for yourself and solve the problem.
The more difficult the problem goes back, the higher the difficulty.