PureCoach DH950 2IN1 LED Mood Light Air Purifier+Dehumidifier Low Power

PureCoach Air Purifier Dehumidifier
DH950 2IN1

Dehumidification and air purification at once!
* Effective air cleaning with H11 grade HEPA filter
Only the air cleaning function can be used alone.
*Low power product, intuitive design
There is a soft green mood light under the button panel on the top, providing a fresh feeling.
*Peltier method, 3-step air volume control (weak/medium/strong) is possible.
* Dehumidify up to 1000ml. When the water is full, the power is turned off automatically,
and it is possible to check whether the water is full with a red indicator.
*Easy to clean
When the water is full, use the handle at the bottom to separate the water tank,
open the lid, throw away the water, and simply wash it and use it again.

[Filter replacement method]

1. When replacing the filter, pull the filter cover on the side of the front cover and lift it out.
2. Remove the filter when using it for the first time as it is covered with vinyl.
3. Install a new filter from which the vinyl has been removed.
You can easily remove the filter by hooking your finger on the hook located on the side of the filter.
*After replacing with a new filter, you need to reset the filter by pressing the power button for about 7 seconds after turning on the power.
*The filter replacement cycle is about 1 year. When used 24 hours a day, it may differ depending on the use environment.
4. Put the filter cover on the bottom and fix the top by pushing it toward the main body.

Storage capacity:1000ml
Dehumidification capacity:750ml/day (30℃,RH80%)
Applicable ambient temperature:5~50℃
Dimension:195 x 215 x 315mm/2.7kg