Pure Household Vacuum Packaging Machine Personal Vacuum Sealer MDT-HK005

Pure Personal Vacuum Sealer Machine  MDT-HK005

Long-lasting freshness with vacuum packaging!
It blocks various food materials or foods such as fresh vegetables and meat from the air and
protects them from external contaminants so that they can be stored for a long time without deterioration.

Extended storage period:
When vacuum packaging, reduce the contact width with air to prevent oxidation.
Efficient storage: Food ingredients and clothing/precious metals, etc. can be stored in
a small volume through vacuum packaging, and external contamination and oxidation can be prevented.

*Modern and simple design
* Strong vacuum suction power
*Easy to use
* Use of quiet, low-noise motor

[Order of use]
-Press the open button on both sides to open the upper part of the machine.
-Put the plastic bag to be vacuum wrapped straight up to the mark of the plastic bag.
-Close the top of the product until it clicks.
-Lightly press the vacuum packaging button once.
-The vacuum packaging indicator lights up and blinks when the vacuum is complete.
-The sealing indicator turns on automatically and the indicator flashes when sealing is completed.
-Press both buttons to open the top cover to complete vacuum packaging!
Power consumption: 800w
Sealing size: 280mm
Vacuum time: 5-12 seconds