Pump Balloon Car Parish Toys Moves Only With Natural Power Without Electricity Or Batteries!

Pump Balloon Car 

Growing creativity! Growing curiosity!
It is a learning play toy that fosters children's creativity using scientific principles.
A pump balloon car that moves only with natural power without electricity or batteries!
Insert the balloon, press it up and down, and you can run until the balloon is out of wind.
Eco-friendly ABS material
Emotional development-Play calmly and help children develop emotionally.
Brain activity-It helps brain activity by thinking about the right way.
Small muscle development-Small muscles of children develop through small actions of pressing and fitting.

[How to play]
Open the lid of the little car. After inserting the balloon into the little car,
take out the balloon through the small hole on the little car.
Close the lid of the little car and click into the wind gas station.
Move the handle up and down to blow air into the balloon.
When you press the Go button, the car runs.