The Harnay Cicaide Ampoule Serum 50ml x2EA Moisturizes Whitening Wrinkle Improvement Skin Soothing


Moist and healthy damaged skin due to lack of moisture

It helps moisturizes, improves broken barriers,
stimulates irritated skin, improves dull skin tone, and improves skin elasticity.

** Meeting Cica, which relieves skin soothing and irritation,
and ceramide, which helps improve the moisturizing barrier.

* Troublesome skin / Sensitive skin /
Dry skin / Reinforced collapsed barrier

It is recommended for such people.

-People who have pulled and dried skin even with basic makeup
-Those who suffer from itching due to dryness
-People whose skin barrier has collapsed suddenly in autumn and winter.
-Those who are worried about poor elasticity and fine wrinkles
-People who are troubled by dull skin tone

** White, opaque, highly concentrated essence formulation
that spreads smoothly and smoothly, and has excellent absorption.

It is a highly concentrated type, but it is absorbed without residue
and gives moisture to the skin and helps to improve the barrier.

How to use
When you have trouble with rough skin, when the complexion becomes dull, or when the skin barrier is broken, you can feel the amazing moisturizing power and strengthen the barrier by adding a cichide ampoule serum at the middle of skin care.
Take an appropriate amount on your hand and apply it evenly over the face and neck where moisture is needed, and soak it.