Pulmuone White Noodles 406g (101.5g x 4EA) / Vegan Ramen / Vegetarian Ramen / Roasted Ramen

Pulmuone White Noodles
406g (101.5g x 4EA)

The deep freshness of seafood is the highlight.
Seafood such as lilies, clams, and shrimps and beef bones are brewed together for a rich and refreshing broth.
Large ingredients: Plenty of large and versatile ingredients such as dried prawns, green onions, and garlic
The high-temperature roasting method is applied to preserve the taste and aroma of the ingredients.
The chewy noodles are made by mixing wheat flour and potato starch with a light broth to create a clean finish.

[recipe ]
After boiling 500ml of water, add roasting soup,
vegetable ingredients, and flavored oil and boil for 4 more months.