[Prorenata] Aloe Vera Calming Serum 35ml Moisture Soothing care Sensitive skin care/Cooling

[Prorenata] Aloe Vera Calming Serum 35ml

Aloe vera water instead of purified water and 6 kinds of plant-extracted
patented Greenol H ingredients help to calm and moisturize the skin.

-Aloe vera leaf water + Aloe vera leaf extract + Aloe vera flower extract
Skin moisturizing, soothing care
-Edelweiss callus culture extract + hydrolyzed rye phytopracenta extract
-Elder flower extract, skin soothing care
-Green tea extract, moisturizing, skin aging care
-Greenol H ingredient, skin soothing, texture care
(Lavender flower extract, freesia extract, bergamot leaf extract, matricaria flower extract,
peppermint leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract)
-Weakly acidic formula, moisture gel-type texture provides a refreshing moisture sensation,

[Recommended for these people.]
-People who need frequent calming due to frequent skin irritation
-For those with oily and complex skin but feel tight
-People who need moist hydration anytime, anywhere
-Those who want to quickly and easily sooth the skin without touching it

[How to use]

It is simple and hygienic by spraying it on your face like a mist.
After cleansing, use it in the skin care serum stage,
or whenever you need skin soothing, close your eyes and spray at a distance of 25 to 30 cm from your face.

-On days when makeup is difficult to eat due to hot skin,
spraying calming serum on the puff you normally use can help you feel much better makeup adhesion.
-On a sensitive day, spray the serum stored in the refrigerator room on a cotton pad and place it on a sensitive area.
You can feel comfortable skin with a cool hydration.
-Keep your skin healthy and golden time by supplying moisturized moisture within 3 seconds after cleansing.