[Profi-S] Soltoc Dietary Fiber 800mg x 224 Tablets

[Profi-S] Soltoc Dietary Fiber
800mg x 224tablets

- 30mg of anthraquinone-based compound (barbaroin anhydrous)
- Thistle Extract (Supplementary Ingredients)
* Reduces total water absorption in the intestine and increases the amount of water in the stool to help bowel movements
* Increase intestinal water content, promote peristaltic movement of the large intestine
* Exclude harmful ingredients and use only safe and proven ingredients.
* A healthy product that can be safely consumed by anyone, regardless of age or gender.

[Recommended for these people.]
- Those who have difficulty in bowel movements due to a decrease in food intake due to diet
- Those who have a heavy stomach due to poor colon activity
-People who have gas due to poor bowel movements
- Those who have insufficient exercise metabolism and activity metabolism and lack of bowel movement
- Students with weak bowel movements, the elderly!
- Those who have bloated and bloated belly due to irregular eating habits and a lot of stress
- Those with insufficient fiber intake
- Women and men who want a light and lively life

[How to take]
Intake can be increased, decreased, increased,
or decreased depending on the individual's intestinal condition,
2 times a day, 4 tablets at a time.