[Prepara] Metropolitan Dressing Mixer Whiz Suitable for making your own handmade dressing

[Prepara] Metropolitan Dressing Mixer Whiz

This dressing mixer is suitable for making your own healthy and unique homemade dressing.
With powerful motor rotation, the contents are delicately and uniformly mixed (14000rpm),
making it much deeper than shaking or stirring by hand.
Soft ingredients such as strawberries, kiwis, and melons can be crushed.
You can make dressing, store it in the refrigerator immediately,
and mix it evenly by pressing the button elegantly without having to shake it every time you eat, and sprinkle it on the salad.
Mixing vinegar and oil When making dressing, just press and hold the button to mix evenly without layers.
In addition to salad dressing, it is also very convenient for making various sauces or thin seasonings.
Since it can be measured, it has a scale, so it is easy to adjust the mixing ratio and makes more accurate taste.

- Size:6.5cm (diameter)x 20cm (height)
- Capacity : 180 ml
- Material : BPA-Free plastic container