Powerful X Recovery Cream 100ml Massage cream before and after exercise (dietary sulfur glucosamine

Powerful X Recovery Cream 100ml

-Temporary improvement of skin blood circulation & temporary increase in skin temperature,
human body application test completed
-Main ingredients of dietary sulfur & glucosamine
-Dietary sulfur & glucosamine ingredients are liposomed and absorbed into the skin
-Skin low irritation test completed (no paraben, phenoxyethanol, synthetic color, fragrance, mineral oil added)
-Natural ingredient lavender fragrance (no menthol odor rejection!)
-Used areas: neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hands & ankles, knees, calves)
-It has little stickiness, and it absorbs quickly and has a warm feeling of warmth due to its soft application.

-When to use: Dane & Night
-Frequency of use: 2-3 times a day
How to use: Apply before exercise and after shower as if you were massaging.