Pororo Little Futurebook Korean English Soundbook Talking Pen Pressing Character


Little Futurebook Pororo Pen 3.0

Pororo's voice is the same Pororo Pen speaks and sings

128MB 20 Pororo Pen songs to talk and sing

* Illustrated language essential for language development explosives
* Infant Vocabulary Development-Essential 1800 vocabulary
* Hangul and English at once ~ bilingual system
* 20 songs from Pororo and friends

Pororo Pen is back upgraded

Upgrade contents

*Volume button added
*Song selection possible (speaking sticker)
*3 types of posters; Separated into Korean, English, and numbers, enlarged poster size
* Song selection possible (2 types of speaking song cards) + 5 lyrics included
Even with a bag or without a bag, you can easily select Pororo nursery rhymes at your own pace.
*Speaking praise sticker
*2 talking picture books