Pororo Cream Tteokbokki 115g x 5EA

Pororo Cream Tteokbokki 115g x 5EA

The creamy sauce with a rich flavor is attractive.
-Simple and delicious anytime, anywhere~
Four fruitful configurations
*99% sticky rice cake
The softer it was and the more I chewed it, the more savory taste it added.
*Powder soup of the golden ratio that keeps getting bigger
* Convenient paper cup that can be eaten anywhere
You can eat it right away just by turning it in the microwave anywhere.
*Pororo and his friends' stickers are randomly placed inside the lid.

[How to cook]
Open the rice cake and sauce and serve in a cup.
Pour hot water according to the line.
Put it in the microwave for 1 minute 10-20 seconds.
(Based on 700w / Do not close the lid, put it on the lid and turn it.)
Mix well and enjoy.